Paving company cuts fuel spend by 40% with new fleet vehicles


Location: Sherwood Park, AB

Industry: Construction & Paving Contractor

Total vehicles: 33 vehicles



North West Paving (NWP) had an older fleet of vehicles with increasing fuel and maintenance costs. NWP would purchase new vehicles as needed, which was not a sustainable strategy as many vehicles were about to pass their useful life.

The Solution

After partnering with Enterprise, North West Paving acquired new vehicles over a three-year period, which helped lower the increasing operational expenses. Enterprise helped the company acquire vehicles with $10,000 savings per vehicle.



By replacing older fleet vehicles with newer ones, NWPexperienced a drop in fuel expenses by nearly 40% with improved fuel economy. The fleet’s maintenance is now managed through Enterprise by leveraging the full maintenance program, enabling a fixed monthly budget for maintaining its vehicles, which helps drivers maximize up-time and focus on their work.

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